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We are well-connected recruitment specialists for the Architecture, Design and Creative industries. We do things differently to make recruitment the way it should be, combining industry expertise with a proactive and responsive approach. We listen carefully and communicate every step of the way to help you find that dream job or perfect employee.


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Amy Welch Co-founder
I’ve been working in the architecture and design industry for more than a decade, recruiting people at all levels for a range of organisations. Originally from New Zealand, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in six different countries, which has given me great insight into a variety of global job markets and a strong cultural awareness. I’ve had the privilege of recruiting for a number of top architecture and design practices worldwide including Make, Heatherwick Studio, Tom Dixon and Grimshaw Architects. I genuinely love working with creatives and am passionate about the industry: there’s nothing better than finding someone a role which is truly right for them. Whatever the context, I do my best to connect and build strong bonds with people, and feel this has helped me form a holistic approach to recruitment which enables me to support others in finding their own path in life.

As well as travelling, I’m interested in personal development and like to attend different training programmes, workshops and retreats during my free time. I have completed a foundation course in Authentic Relating, which teaches skills like curiosity and empathy to create meaningful human connections, and am currently doing a 10-month immersive NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Masters Practitioner course to study the psychology of behaviour and the mind. I regularly attend 5Rhythms movement classes, have a strong yoga and meditation practice and love cycling and motorbikes having spent time dirt biking through the Cambodian jungle!
Louise Constantine Co-founder
Back in early 2011 I took a leap into the creative recruitment industry having spent my career to date in the new build and construction environment. Coupled with being a lover of people and the buzz and excitement of recruitment, it didn’t take long before I realised how much I loved being part of the creative world - my career in the architecture and design recruitment industry was born!

After previously serving as Global Director of one of the leading architecture and design recruitment companies, I am well positioned to help lead The Crowd to its successes. My days are spent keeping the ‘wheels well-oiled’ whether leading a strategy meeting, crunching numbers or making cups of tea for the team, you will find me doing my best to ensure the office is a fun but productive place to be.

On a personal level, I’m a bit of a ladette to lady; on a weekend you’ll either find me at a football game singing in the stands, cheering on my team Sheffield United, or out dancing with my friends in my lipstick and heels. I’m a lover of exploration, people, laughing, positivity, seeing others smile and I like to travel a lot to explore the weird and wonderful parts of the world. Although I live in London I’m a born and bred northerner and I try hard to keep my roots - visiting Yorkshire often and baking my Nanna’s northern recipes for anyone and everyone. Finally, and probably most importantly I am totally obsessed with my Yorkshire Terrier; Fifi – we even have matching coats!
Corrine Munro Lead Talent Specialist (New York)
Hannah Wyatt Lead Architecture Specialist (London)
After completing my education in Architecture and Interior Design at Canterbury and Falmouth, I transitioned to the field of specialised recruitment for the design industry 12 years ago. Over the years, I have sourced and recruited for a diverse range of positions across various global locations, ranging from BIM Managers and Architects to Stylists and Graphic Designers, while working with a prominent international recruitment company. I spent 6 years in Sydney, Australia focusing primarily on the Asia/Pacific regions. I have now landed at The Crowd where I am leading the Architecture offering and hopefully bring my experience to continue to help people navigate their careers within the industry and build strong teams.

My passion lies in the built environment, with a specific interest in regeneration and design for social impact. I currently reside in Folkestone, situated along the Kent coast, where I enjoy spending time near the sea with my companion, Sam, a Golden Retriever puppy. I am also an avid traveller whether that is catching a flight to Europe or discovering a hidden gem tucked away in the English countryside.
Kamen Reilly Creative Support Specialist (London)
Hi, my name is Kamen, I was born and raised in a small seaside village in North-West Ireland, and always had a passion to move to a big city. I have lived and worked in both the US and Australia, backpacked through the islands of Thailand, and flown around Europe which led me to touch down in London to pursue my career.

With over 10 years’ experience in customer service, I wanted to change direction and move into the recruitment industry. My ability and thrive to help people is what directed me on this course of my career. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Creative Journalism and wanted to tie my innovative skills and passion for helping people into my work; and what a better way to do so by delving into the architecture and design field! Since I began working in recruitment, my passion lies with helping guide candidates into finding their niche and work closely with them through a smooth transition to their dream position. Alongside this, I pride myself on working closely with clients in understanding what gaps need filled to bring their teams to completion, and fit the right candidate into their company environment.

Aside from my professional experience and work, I enjoy a sociable and vibrant lifestyle. I am an avid dog lover and love the music scene whatever it may be. When I’m not out and about on an adventure or ticking off the next location on my world map, you can find me in the kitchen making some of my best dishes for friends and family or trying our new cuisines from all cultures.
Ana Zabarsky Architecture Specialist (London)
After eight years as an Architectural Designer, through all the laughs and the tears, I decided to jump with both feet into the world of architectural recruitment.
After graduating from The London School of Architecture, I have worked in several exciting architecture practices around London. From the loud, bubbly terraces of Brixton to the gritty tunnels of London Bridge, I gained the memories, experiences, and a good group of friends that have shaped me as a person. What I realised when working on amazing projects with brilliant teams is that I wanted to be the person that connects people to the opportunities that I was so lucky to have.

I love people, speaking to people and connecting with people. Combining this with my knowledge, understanding and love for architecture, here I am at The Crowd where I work with talented designers and top architecture studios, taking the time to really understand what people are looking for in their next move so that I can find the perfect match!
Outside of work, when I’m not walking around amongst the trees or trying to cook up a new feast I’ve heard about, you will find me out and about with friends, soaking in the sun with a beer in hand!
Elly Valencia Creative Support Specialist (London)
I come from an acting background which has fuelled my love for self-expression, creativity and making connections. I’ve always been curious to know more about people; finding out what drives them and why. I truly believe that taking a people focused approach to life will stand you in greater stead for opportunity and growth – both professionally and personally – and having also worked in office coordination and account management in a variety of industries, I’ve been able to put this into practice whilst understanding what’s required in the operational side of a business. Combining this creativity & connection is what brought me to The Crowd, and I love being part of the team!

Outside of work when I’m not out and about with friends or booking my next trip abroad, you’ll likely find me in the gym, at a gig or getting comfy with my cat Rory and a good book. Whichever it is, I’m guaranteed to be singing & dancing too!
Will Giles Creative Support Specialist (London)
My journey in recruitment began two and a half years ago in the construction industry, where I was based up in my hometown of Bedford before being lucky enough to get relocated to London.

Over time, I realised I wanted to move into an industry that nurtures my creative side as I studied media and sports broadcasting, and my passion has always lied with film, TV, and design. Since then, I have always aimed to implement my creative side into my working life and recruitment has done exactly that. I consider myself a caring and selfless person and I only want what’s best for people, and I feel these traits in addition to my creative personality and passion for design are a perfect match for success for recruitment in the A&D industry!

Away from work, I’m a big football fan and an avid supporter of Luton Town. As well as this, you’ll often find me in the kitchen whipping up something gourmet for my partner, or in the cinema catching up with the latest releases.
Dominique DeVoll Interior Design Specialist (New York)
Hi, my name is Dominique! I graduated from Washington State University in 2021 with my bachelor’s degree in psychology and human development. After a holiday visit into the city, I followed my heart and made the move from Seattle Washington, to my now home, New York. I spent my first year+ in the city working administration and office management for a leading international design firm, where I received first-hand exposure to the design industry. I found how passionate I am for all aspects of design, and instantly knew which direction I wanted my career to head.

With my outgoing personality and background in human behavior, I love connecting with people and engaging in an open dialogue. I want to get to know others, and approach conversation from an empathetic standpoint. I understand how stressful the recruitment process can be, especially in a fast-paced environment. I'm here to truly get to know candidates and provide reassurance every step of the way.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I am constantly trying to squeeze in as much of New York as possible (I don't believe the excited butterflies of this city ever go away). Coming from Seattle, I am quite the coffee connoisseur and constantly trying to find the best espresso the East Coast offers. I received my certification in Vinyasa Yoga training, so I always enjoy finding a new studio to broaden my practice. I am passionate about all conversations regarding mediation, mindfulness, and other philosophical modalities that can enrich awareness and cognitive functioning (I can recommend just about any podcast). Above all, my favorite past time will always be walking around the greatest city in the world!
Jordan Byrne Creative Support Specialist (New York)

Hi I'm Jordan, I was born in the UK but moved to the US when I was 10 and have been here ever since. After I graduated from Monmouth University in 2014 I moved to New York and jumped into the music scene. I find solace and inspiration in the harmonies, rhythms, and melodies that flow through our lives, music has always been my faithful companion. The transformative power of music fascinates me, as it has the ability to transcend boundaries and bring people together in beautiful harmony.

Speaking of connections, this is what brought me to recruitment, forging meaningful relationships is something that deeply resonates with me. I thrive on engaging with diverse individuals, hearing their stories, and building authentic connections. From casual encounters to thought-provoking conversations, I believe in the power of human connection to enrich our lives and broaden our perspectives. So, let's connect and share our unique experiences and I can help find the perfect next step for you!

When I'm not immersed in my professional endeavours, you can find me attending gigs, curating playlists, skateboarding around the city or supporting my beloved Arsenal Football Club from across the pond.
Lucy Shortman Operations Assistant (London and New York)
I am originally from south London and I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in 2019 with a degree in photography and I have a background within visual culture and the creative arts. I have worked mainly in the practical sector of the industry assisting photographers and working in galleries while also pursuing my own artistic practice through commissions, residencies and exhibitions. Having these experiences has allowed me to harness my hands-on skills while also understanding people and utilising my sociable approach to support them to suit their individual needs.
I wanted to build on my administrative and professional skills so here I am at The Crowd, working behind-the-scenes, supporting the London and New York team with all things admin related - helping to ensure the office operates smoothy!

In my free time, I enjoy surrounding myself within the arts whether that is visiting an exhibition, seeing a play or developing my own creative projects. I like to travel and learn more about myself and the world around me and find connection to that through yoga and cinema.

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“ Our experience with The Crowd has been invaluable during these last several months of increased recruitment and evolving business needs. Their approach to recruitment brings a personalized touch and understanding of our specific office needs. When we began our partnership with them, Victoria came on site to our office to get a sense of the space, our culture and working environment, and meet with some of our key team members face to face. Their approach has never felt like checking a box or simply filling a role but rather thoroughly vetting candidates for the perfect addition to our teams and our office. Similarly, they seem to truly partner with the candidates to find the roles and future career paths that meet their individual needs. They even followed up with two of our recent hires to bring treats on site and check in with how they were acclimating.

Their support in our efforts has alleviated our HR workload and Victoria is in nearly daily contact to catch up on our latest needs, following up on interviewed candidates, and consistently pushing our recruitment efforts forward to fill the required roles as quickly but effectively as possible. We are a fast-paced office whose needs and demands change almost by the hour, and Victoria has rolled with every single punch and changing direction to work to find a solution every single time. I would highly recommend The Crowd for any recruitment need or any business looking for a more individualized approach to recruitment. They have become our go to resource for both our London and New York offices. ”
Jessica Wells, Bjarke Ingels Group New York
“ The team at The Crowd are a joy to work with and have helped us find the right candidates across various support roles on a number of occasions. The professional and friendly approach is a huge plus, and their extensive knowledge of the design and architecture industry makes the recruitment process seamless. However, what really sets them apart is the time they put into getting to know the specific needs of a given role within the context of our organization and then tailoring the search for the right candidate around those exact parameters – a personal touch which ensures top talent is identified in an efficient and timely manner!” Ioannis Gkasialis, Bjarke Ingels Group
“ I have worked with The Crowd since they started up and Corrine has been my go to in helping me develop my incredible elite team. Corine asks all the right questions and is incredibly engaging when interviewing candidates (so I have heard!) she is not just looking to fill a position, her top priority is to find the right person with the right skill set but most importantly the right mind set. Corrine will always be my go to when I need new team members as she just understands what I need and takes real pride in her work.
I honestly can’t recommend her enough, she is fantastic and if she didn’t do what she did I would zap her up in an instant. She's 10 out of 10 brilliant. ”
Alexandra Davidson, Davidson London
“ I have been liaising with both Meghan and Corrine from The Crowd on recruitment within different departments of our company.
They have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Removing the hassle that can come with sourcing, filtering and whittling down to the key candidates of the correct calibre and persona. The process was very simple and I was kept in the loop on progress.
They were informative and knowledgeable and really understood the requirements of each role.
Each recruit has fitted in perfectly and are invaluable members of the company.”
Poppy Peace, Milc Interiors / David Phillips Group
“ Corrine has been brilliant. She has been very helpful and offered lots of good advice, from my CV to the interview. There has been less than two weeks between first talking to her and starting a new job - Corrine was very efficient and great to deal with at every stage.
I would definitely recommend working with Corrine.”
Henry Naylor, Day2 Interiors
“ Thanks to Corrine’s support, I was able to secure my new job a few months ago! She is always a pleasure to work with. Highly efficient, great listener, communicator and always a positive force on the end of the line. Made the whole process feel easy. Thanks, Corrine!” Pippa Murphy, Flanagan Lawrence
“ Amy is a rare consultant who doesn't treat clients and candidates as a fee. As a candidate, she would always take the greatest pains to ensure that the organisation and role was a good fit. As a client, her grasp of organisational need and role requirements are second to none. I have appreciated Amy's honesty, diplomacy, support and insight into the architectural market for over ten years; she is the first - and often only - person I contact with regard to recruitment and cannot recommend her highly enough.” Eva Datta, Patel Taylor
“ I first worked with Amy when I was looking for a new role within the architecture industry. She went out of her way to understand me as a person and from that, came up with some suitable job options. The process was seamless. Amy provided outstanding support and guidance along the way and as a result I ended up in my dream job. I am now working with Amy from the client side and trust Amy's wealth of experience, knowledge and professionalism in finding the right people for the practice.” Cecilia Portal, Practice / HR Manager
“ I connected with Amy from LinkedIn to seek to advance my career. It was a great experience as Amy has a great resources to link me to good firms, she was very professional and helped me to find an ideal job within very short period of time, she was really friendly and I will strongly recommend her to all my friends in the industry.” Yuan Thompson, Benoy Beijing
“ Amy is a truly is talented professional in her field, she takes the time to understand job seekers needs and career aspirations. I first met Amy in 2014 when I had returned from travelling and was not sure which industry would suit me best, she saw the potential I had and gave me the confidence to succeed and secure a position in an architect practice.
Amy is still an important part of my network, and I look forward to working with her in the future!”
Charlotte Yandell, Gensler
“ I have worked with Amy for a number of years both as a client and candidate. As a client Amy has been a real asset, always available, quick to respond and attentive to what is specifically required from a role. She takes the time to listen and digest the brief and then uses her wide experience to compile a shortlist of only relevant, high quality candidates. Equally as a candidate Amy listened carefully to what I was looking for in my next role and again only sent me details of the best fit, and went above and beyond to talk about each role, the companies and followed up after each interaction. I thoroughly recommend Amy and she is top of my list when I have recruitment requirements.” Judith Topley, Practice Manager

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